What is CSS ?

The purpose of the Society is to promote the development of all aspects of complex systems science in the countries of Europe, as well as the whole international scientific community [ See CSS Statutes ].

The Society will aim to promote complex systems research (pure and applied), assist and advise on problems of complex systems education, concern itself with the broader relations of complex systems to society, foster the interaction between complex systems scientists of different countries, establish a sense of identity amongst complexity scientists, and represent the complexity community at all international levels.

The Society was first launched at a European level on 7th Dec 2004 during The European Conference on Complex Systems at Foundation ISI in Torino, Italy. It became an international society in 2006 during the ECCS06 Conference in Oxford. For further information follow the links on the left.



The European Community has strongly supported complex systems science with three Coordination Actions 

  • ASSYST was funded under FET


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