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This is the place to get involved in the complex systems community and benefit from shared resources (agenda, job openings, community explorer, web hosting etc.). This wiki is open to everybody working in the field of complex systems. [ read more ...]

CSS Senior and Junior Scientific Awards

Call for Nominations:

The Complex Systems Society is proud to announce the first edition of the CSS Scientific Awards. These awards will be conferred once a year in two categories: the senior scientific award will recognize outstanding contributions of CSS members at whatever stage of their careers, whereas the junior scientific award is aimed at recognizing excellent scientific record of CSS young researchers (within 7 years of PhD completion). Please, find below the corresponding notice of competition and regulation for the two awards.

- Notice of Competition, Senior Scientific Award: see NC_Senior.pdf
- Notice of Competition, Junior Scientific Award: see NC_Junior.pdf
- Regulation, Senior Scientific Award: see Reg_Senior.pdf
- Regulation, Junior Scientific Award: see Reg_Junior.pdf

Elections of CSS Executive Committee 2014-2017

New members of the Executive committe :

Alex Arenas is full Professor at Dept. Ingenieria Informatica i Matematiques (Computer Science & Mathematics Dept.). Universidad Rovira i Virgili. Spain.

Guido Caldarelli studied Statistical Physics, and works in the field of Complex Networks. Presently he is Professor in Physics at IMT Lucca, and a LIMS Fellow

Pierre Collet, is professor in computer science at the ICube Laboratory of the Stasbourg University. He is also co-coordinator of the Digital Campus of Complex Systems.

Jeffrey Johnson is Professor of Complexity Science and Design at the Open University, UK. He has wide research interests including: complex systems, simulation, robotics, hypernetworks, agent-based modelling, non-equilibrium social science and policy applications of complex systems. He was one of the founder members of CSS and the second President of CSS.

CSS Elections

Vice-President Treasurer 2014-2017

Alain Barrat has been elected as Vice-President Treasurer. His research activity is focused on the study of complex networks and of the attached dynamical processes, with a particular emphasis on data-driven research, on the analysis and modelling of real-world networks, and on interdisciplinary applications such as the study of (online) social networks and of epidemic spreading. He is co-founder of the SocioPatterns collaboration and co-author of the book “Dynamical processes on complex networks”. He is currently leader of the Statistical Physics and Complex Systems team at the Centre de Physique Théorique in Marseilles, France, and research scientist at the ISI Foundation in Turin, Italy.

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Vice-President Secretary 2014-2017

Yamir Moreno has been elected as Vice-President Secretary.
Yamir Moreno is a research professor of Physics at the Institute for Biocomputation and Physics of Complex Systems of the University of Zaragoza and professor of Physics at the Department of Theoretical Physics of the same University.

His scientific background is mainly in statistical physics and in the physics of complex systems. ...

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ECCS'14 in Lucca

ECCS’14 will be a major international conference and event in the area of complex systems and interdisciplinary science in general. It will offer unique opportunities to study novel scientific approaches in a multitude of application areas.
The conference will cover a broad range of subjects on all aspects of Complex Systems.

Submissions for contributed talks/posters will be open until April 15 2014.

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